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1 - 11 April 2014 between 09h00 - 21h00
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Sibelius 7 ... written by musicians for musicians!
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Sibelius 7


Ideal for playing your notes into Sibelius with a Korg keyboard controller

  • KORG microKEY (37 notes)
  • KORG nanoKEY  (25 notes)
Korg microkey
Korg nanokey

Other Products (software)


Scan in printed music with PhotoScore 7 Ultimate, transfer it to Sibelius, and it is ready for you to transpose and edit!



Theory lessons, hundreds of exercises in 34 topics as well as tests. Customize your own content to suit specific syllabus. Set up your own syllabus.
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Do ear training in a fun and easy way with your computer/laptop. Supports multiple syllabi. Suitable for all ages and levels. Customize your own content. Set up your own syllabus.
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